The key to enjoying a day of wine tasting at Wine in the Pines is to consume responsibly, ensuring your health and safety and that of others. Here are a few tips:

Designate a driver – Even a little wine can impair motor skills; a designated driver enables you to enjoy yourself all day without endangering others.

Pace yourself – Slowly savoring a small amount of each wine you sample not only helps maintain sobriety, it also helps you fully appreciate the wine. Drinking water between sips helps in this regard, too, as does spitting out all or most of the wine. This is common practice among professional wine tasters and one that all wineries accommodate by providing spit buckets on the tasting table.

Good manners are essential, i.e., no raised voices, elbowing people out of the way or insulting other tasters. The nicer you are, the better the wines will taste!